Elastic Chirping / Hajlékony ciripelés

One more day of rehearsals, then it is time for our concert with Ensemble Ulysses at the beautiful Royaumont. Talented young musicians from all over the world, and four composers from three countries make for a nice experience. Last year I have visited Royaumont Abbaye and Foundation for only one day, to hear and see the conducting masterclass of Peter Eötvös with pieces by Kurtág and Boulez. Now I have the pleasure to spend a week here with a busy rehearsal schedule focusing on new music. Check out the program here:

After Royaumont, in the next two weeks I will be stopping by at Darmstadt, Germany, and an outdoor festival at Tiszató in Hungary. I will be doing a ‘Conduct Me’ session with the Armel Festival Orchestra. I will check back in here again in less than a month from Portland, OR.

Még egy nap intenzív próbákkal, aztán péntek este koncert az Ulysses Ensemble zenészeivel a gyönyörű Royaumont-ban. Tavaly csak egy napot voltam itt, akkor az Eötvös Péter féle karmesterkurzus zárókoncertjét hallgattam Kurtág és Boulez darabokkal. Idén egy hetet töltök itt a világ minden részéről jött fiatal és tehetséges zenészekkel, és 3 ország 4 zeneszerzőjének darabjaival. A fenti linken megtekinthető a program.
Régi épületek, új zene, gyönyörő nyári idő, remek ételek és francia vörösbor. Mi kellhet még? 🙂

Royaumont után beugrom még Darmstadtba, majd a Tiszatavi Fesztiválra, utóbbin az Armel Fesztivál zenekara élén a jól bevált és népszerű “Conduct Me!” programot csinálom. Kevesebb mint egy hónap múlva újra jelentkezem Portlandből.

Queen Of The Night and Private View

Tonight we concluded the 2015 Armel Opera Festival in Budapest, Hungary with two one act operas performed by the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theater (Plzeň,Czech Republic). The international jury Esther Lehoczky, Commissioning Editor of the Arts Department of Arte TV, Henry Little, Chief Executive of Orchestras Live, Dieter Kaegi, General Director of Theater and Orchestra of Biel-Solothurn-Bienne/Soleur, Kjell Englund, Managing and Artistic Director of Norrlandsoperan, Umea, Sweden and myself decided on Best Performance and Best Singer of this year’s festival.
French soprano Marlène Assayag won Best Singer Award for her performance in The Magic Flute directed by Robert Alfoldi.
Best Performance Awared went to: Van Parys: Private View performed by Muziektheater Transparant (Antwerpen, Belgium), directed by Tom Creed.
The Jury decided to give a Special Award to Pannon Philharmonic for their outstanding work in Donizetti’s The Siege of Calais and in Van Parys: Private View.

Everyone can cast a vote online for one production during the next four weeks.
Click here:
The production that gets the most votes from the audience will be presented a prize once the voting ends. Please consider watching this years performances and voting for the one you think is the best!

Armel Opera Competition and Festival 2015

I feel really fortunate that I got to spend the last 10+ days in the U.S. It is always amazing to witness historic changes real time. No matter what your opinion is on the three decisions made by SCOTUS, I am sure you all agree that they qualify most definitely for a historic event.
When not following history in the making I spent my time writing Clarinet Symphony for the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and making sketches for a libretto for a possible new opera.

This week I am back in Hungary. I am honored to be on the Jury of the Final Competition of Armel Festival.
Five performances from five countries with five you singers in competition roles. The festival starts with The Magic Flute directed by Robert Alfoldi.
The performance is officially sold out. You can all watch it live on MEZZO TV

and you can also vote on your favorite performance after watching all of them. You might be able to catch an interview with me in one of the intermissions.
Stay tuned for more posts on Armel 2015!