Georgia Bottoms, A Comic Opera of the Modern South (2012-14/2017) [81:00]
[based on a novel by Mark Childress, libretto by Mark Childress and Gregory Vajda]
for 11 singers and 19 players

Magic Mountain (2010) [85:00]
[based on Thomas Mann’s novel, libretto by Bettina Geyer]
for 7 singers and 14 players

Barbie Blue (2006) [30:00]
[Libretto: András Almási Tóth]
for Soprano, Baritone and orchestra

The Golem –A Jewish Operetta (2005) [80:00]
for 5 singers/actors and 8 players
[Libretto: András Almási Tóth]

The Giant Baby (2001/2018) [75:00]
For 4 singers, 3 part choir (3, 6 or 9 singing puppet actors) & chamber ensemble
[based on a play by Tibor Déry, libretto by G. Vajda and Péter Horváth]



The Cloak, The Boat, and The Shoes (2016) [7:30] for soprano and orchestra
[On a poem by W. B. Yeats]

Barbie Monologues (2007)  [18:00] for soprano and orchestra
[Libretto: András Almási Tóth, Gregory Vajda]

Bracket-songs (1996) [5:00] for soprano, clarinet and piano
[Lyrics: András Petőcz]

Bracket-song (1992) [4:00] for Mezzo-soprano, clarinet, 6 percussion players
(Lyrics: András Petőcz)



Gloomy Sunday Variations (2018) [12:30]

Rough and Ready, An American Outdoor Overture (2017) [3:40]

Orlando’s Awakening -Dance Allegory (2012) [15:00]
[based on a scene from Orlando, A Biography by Virginia Woolf]

Barbie Blue Overture Fantasy (2011) [18:00]

Duevoe/ Düvő (Version 2010) [9:00]

Purcell Variation (2005) [1:45]

Duevoe/ Düvő (2004/2007) [11:50]



Clarinet Symphony [32:00] for two clarinets and orchestra (2015-16)

Drums Drums Drums [22:00] for timpani, drumset, bass drum and orchestra (2014-15)

Csárdás Obstiné –homage to Ferenc Liszt, [15:00] for solo piano and orchestra (2011)



Gulliver in Faremido for narrator and 5 players (2010) [28:00]
[written by G. Vajda and David Hill based on a short story by Frigyes Karinthy]

The Rogue Harmonica, Fantasy Etude for 12 Woodwind Instruments (2010) [3:30]

Vacuum for recorded voice and ensemble (2008) [22:00]
[Text by Arpad Schilling]

Macroscope (2007) [8:30]

Hypertext (2001) [11:00]

Dance and Sidesong (1997) [12:00]

Le tombeau de Messiaen –Prelude (1994) for flute, clarinet, harp, string quintet [5:00]



Troccata (2019) for trumpet and piano [5:00]

Accompaniment Without a Song (2019) for solo piano [1:40]

Captain Hume’s Last Pavin (2018) for solo cello with scordatura [6:15]

How To Draw a Tree (2018) for violin and bass [2:00]

Alice Études (2017) for clarinet and string quartet [30:00]

Dome (2017) for flute and viola [5:15]

Schnitte (2015) for 2 violins [3:00]

sol-Étude (2014) for solo piano [3:00]

Void (2011) for solo piano [6:00]

Furious Flowers (2011) for 2 violas [4:00]

Conversations With Children (2008) for flute(=afl), clarinet(=bcl), violin, cello, piano [8:30]

Souvenir from Toggenburg -based on a Schubert song (2005) for solo piano [3:30]

La Foule (The Crowd) (2001) [122:00] for piano, upright piano, two percussions
(to be performed only with the silent movie ‘The Crowd’ by King Vidor)

Five Phenomena (2005) for string quartet [6:00]

Haarom Aalom (2002) [11:00] for clarinet and violin

Tristan Etude (2002) [4:00] for two flutes

Turning (1998) [10:00] for saxophone quartet

Tin Opera/ Blechoper (1998) [20:00] for brass quintet (also playing percussion instruments)

Non-figurative (1997) [25:00] for speaking percussion quartet

Three Pantomimes (1997) [11:00] for flute and clarinet

There’s a Woman –hommage to Péter Esterházy (1996) [6:00] for solo percussion

Hommage a György Kurtág (1993) [4:00] for woodwind quartet

Lightshadow-trembling (1993) [5:00] for clarinet solo

Permanent Dreams (1991/ 2017) [6:30] for clarinet solo

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